septic tanks

Like all Permacrete products, our septic tanks have proved themselves over many years to be extremely reliable, efficient and cost effective. They are constructed out of high strength reinforced pre-cast concrete to stand the test of time. Conventional septic systems are very economical and have no operational costs.

The installation of your septic tanks needs to be undertaken by a registered and experienced installer approved by your local council.



Tank size Diameter Height Width Length Inlet invert Outlet invert Weight
1350   L 1380mm 1520mm 1280mm 1200mm 1300kg
3000   L 1550mm 1330mm 2500mm 1275mm 1215mm 2500kg
4500   L 2300mm 1400mm 1140mm 1060mm 2900kg
10000 L 3650mm 1500mm 1170mm 1110mm 8200kg